Meeting Saturday On Schroon Community Church Fundraising

There’s a meeting at the Chamber of Commerce Saturday for businesses, organizations and other interested parties at 2pm to discuss coordinating fund raising efforts for the Schroon Lake Community Church.

From the Chamber: “There have already been a number of folks who have posted that they are starting funds, collecting donations, etc. We urge you to come to this meeting to coordinate these efforts; we will be working with Matt Curren at Glens Falls Bank (and a member of our Board) to open a discretionary account so that all money donations are properly managed”.

A Helping Hand For Schroon Lake Area Non Profits

From special correspondent Joe Steiniger: “Schroon Lake Not for Profits!  Need a little help? 

2019 Generous Acts Fund grant applications are available now - until February 4. Questions? Join ADK Foundation staff on Thursday 1/17 @ 9:30 at Horicon Town Hall for an information session.”

Register here:


Grit and Determination: The Bravery of our First Responders at the Schroon Lake Community Church Inferno


The photo from Tonya Whitford Condon says it all about the dedication from the men and women who make up our area first responders. Two firemen, just feet from the flames and thick, black choking smoke, are laser focused on saving the building next to the Schroon Lake Community Church.

For most of us, our images of area firefighters are happy ones: the annual July 4th parade where the big shiny rigs cruise down Main Street, their riders throwing candies from above. Or you see their aqua unit on standby for our twice yearly firework displays on the lake.

Today’s turnout of dozens of firefighters shows the dedication of area locals, many volunteers, who care deeply about service and giving back to their communities. We salute you and your families for your unwavering commitment.