Smiling, Happy, Farmers

Why are all the produce vendors smiling at Monday’s Farmer’s Market?

Maybe its because they know that you’ll love what they grow, make or bake.That’s the case with Andrea Connor (above) who takes meticulous care in making jams, that will have you asking Oliver style: “Please Sir, can I have some more.”

And you can discover if your gonna like what you see by trying a sample – a little like holding hands before committing to a date. And it was Andrea’s Three Berry Jam that won over our taste buds on a recent visit. It’s a delicious mixture of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, with just a touch of cane sugar. What we like about Andrea’s jams is that they are big on fruit and low on sugar.

"I use 25% of the sugar compared to a regular jam recipe," Andrea told SChroon Laker.

Andrea also has advice for folks who want to make their own jam with this summer's bounty. Use the low or no sugar kind of Pectin, a powder made from apples, which causes the jam to "set", otherwise it would be a liquid.  "Much healthier AND tastes much better."

Check out Andrea’s “From The Ground Up” stand, and a heap of others at today’s Farmer’s Market @ the Schroon Lake Town Hall parking lot. 9 am – 1 pm every Monday.

Andrea's other jams are:


Strawberry rhubarb

Wild Blueberry

Red Raspberry

Putnam Peach

Tart Cherry

No sugar Added Three Berry

No sugar Added Peach

Fruit and Ginger