The War In Schroon Lake

Photo: Eurasian Milfoil, courtesy Schroon Lake Association

We don’t blame the thousands of year ‘round visitors to our lake for taking it for granted  -- after all what’s not to love. From the quality of the water, to its clarity, we just love to sail on it, swim in it, ski, wakeboard and fish in it.

But it’s what lurks beneath the surface that has the potential to change everything --  those nasty invasive species –  the chief culprit Eurasian Milfoil – that could kill off our lake,  spoiling it for future generation and destroying  the livelihoods that depend on  it.

Keeping those invasive species in check is not an easy task. As we have reported before, it takes the dedicated efforts of no less than two lake associations and their hundreds of members and several government agencies, to ensure our lake stays in top shape for years to come.

And last month, the Town of Schroon Lake took additional steps to ensure that the spread of invasive species are tackled head on with “The Town of Schroon Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Law.”

The new law was written by Schroon lake Council members Dong Sage and Roger Friedman, after the public weighed in at two meetings in June.

“The emphasis is on education but there is also the threat of fines.  I have attached the local law as approved.  The words in red  were changes from the public hearing that was held in June,” Roger wrote to us in an email.

We encourage you to read the new local law, and do whatever you can to help in the fight. We encourage you to join either or both of our lake associations, The Schroon Lake Association, (SLA) or the East Shore Schroon Lake Association. (ESSLA)

And don’t forget about the annual meeting of the SLA this Friday night.