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Mark Granger, President of the Schroon Lake Association, gives a preview on Friday night's membership meeting, open to all (July 8)  at 7:30 PM at Schroon Lake Central School Auditorium.

The SLA has assembled a top notch panel to participate in a discussion about the future of the Schroon and Paradox Watershed.

More from Mark:

"Well it is finally here! Longer days, warmer nights, and all the fun and beauty of the Schroon Lake Watershed are in green and blue glory around us. Here it comes….

The SLA started things off a little early with the wonderful Hobie Cat Regatta June 17-19. Beautiful boats and sails, combined with camaraderie, made for a great weekend and the opportunity for Schroon to show off its best. Thanks to SLA VP Glen Repko and Fleet 204 from the Syracuse area for running this event. And yes, it will now be an annual event in Schroon Lake! Thanks also to Sticks and Stones for hosting the Meet the Captains Party on Saturday.

Our Lake Stewards are now hard at work at the boat launch under the watchful eye of SLA VP and Town Board Member Roger Friedman. Things are running smoothly. Joelle and Liam return this year as experience Stewards.  Stop by and say hello and thank them for their service.

What a month is ahead! Our first big Membership Meeting- open to all- is Friday Evening July 8 at 7:30 PM at Schroon Lake Central School Auditorium.  If you haven’t seen this beautiful air conditioned facility, here is another reason to be there. The program is entitled: “WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF THE SCHROON/PARADOX WATERSHED?

Things are looking better in the battle against invasive plants and animals and pollution, but will that trend last? Threats from Lake George, Lake Champlain and road and stream runoff are on our border.  The next 5 years will make a huge difference in whether Schroon and Paradox will remain relatively trouble free or succumb to the massive threats facing Lake George and Lake Champlain. In addition what will that fight take in money, taxes, community resources, municipal and county strength and community spirit?  How much are our environmental issues wound up with the clear economic woes inside the Blue Line.  Who will we end up saving the lakes for as our population greys?

Yet despite these difficulties there are people working hard whose efforts continue despite those challenges.  We have assembled a wonderful panel of experienced “realistic optimists.” All have battle scars and much less naiveté than they had at the start. They have been there and are still fighting the fight- they have a lot to teach us.

Our Panelists Are:
Daniel Stec the State Assemblyman from this District and former Queensbury Town Supervisor. Dan has broad experience on watershed quality from both an executive and legislative viewpoint. A summer 46er, Dan is now working on his winter 46er!
Fred Monroe the long term Executive of the Adirondack Local Government Review Board and recently retired multi-term Supervisor of the Town of Chester. He has spent years trying to find the funds and local supports for municipalities facing the invasive threat.
Willie Janeway the Executive director of the Adirondack Council one of the leading forces for conservation in within the Blue Line but still engaged in preserving communities and jobs.
David Wick the Executive Director of the Lake George Commission, who has lead the fight for “clean drained and dry boats” to prevent the further spread of invasives in and from Lake George. Prior to that Dave played a large role in drafting the Lake Management Plan for Schroon Lake which has formed the basis for Schroon Lake’s strategy on invasives and pollution.
Brandon Quirion the Coordinator of the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program. Brandon is in the lead position on battling invasives in the entire Park and its surroundings.  He also has led the State’s efforts to install boat decontamination stations strategically throughout the Park to help stop the spread of invasives.

The Panelists will each speak about 10 minutes and then engage in discussion between them. There will be opportunity for questions and discussion with the audience. All are welcome. Admission is free. Please be there to learn more about where the invasives/pollution battle is going and how we are going to pay for it.

Just a few days later is the SLA’s premier event: THE 47TH ANNUAL ARTS AND CRAFTS FAIR. This event, from 10 to 4 pm on Saturday July 14th, is held above the beautiful Town Beach. Lots of wonderful craftsmen and women are displaying their products.  Please leave your dog at home, but bring the rest of the family. Kristine Tribou, Myriam Friedman, and Kathy Granger have put together a great Fair.  Don’t miss it!

Also don’t miss our SLA Website at  this will update you on our events.

Our invasives reconnaissance team of Bob Bombard and Nick Rowell are about to hit the water and our Lake Manager Steve LaMere and CSLAP Coordinator Chuck Harste start water testing and study soon. Peter White, Glen Repko, Neil Chippendale and John Fear round out our tester team.  We could use more volunteers! Let’s all work together to make our watershed better!

To help support our efforts we have a fundraising raffle on a wonderful Hornbeck Boat. This is on display at the Glens Falls National Bank in Schroon.  You can buy tickets at the Bank or at many events this summer. Drawing is at the finish line of the Adirondack Marathon on September 25th. Twenty dollars buys you a 1 in 300 chance to win a $1700 boat! Thanks to GFNB and Branch Manager Bella Boardway for their support.

Also, by now most of you have received our annual request that you renew your dues. Many thanks to those who have renewed and given generously.  If you haven’t gotten to it yet, please do so using the letter you received or the form on the website. Your generosity supports the thousands of dollars we spend every year protecting our Watershed. All this will be reported on at our Annual Meeting on Friday, August 19, starting at 7:30 PM at the Boathouse. This features our State of the Lake and the Town. More details later.

Many thanks and have a GREAT SUMMER!


Mark S. Granger, President
Schroon Lake Association