Take A Hike Up Mt. Severance

It's a relative easy -- and very rewarding -- close by hike near Schroon and Paradox Lake. It's  a short trip up Mt. Severance with interesting terrain along the way. Most of the walk is under an umbrella of shade provided by trees. The summit gives a narrow, but highly scenic, view of Schroon Lake to the right, and Parados Lake to the left, with a gorgeous view of  Pharaoh Lake Wilderness. Always take water and wear a hat.

How To get There:

Mt. Severance trail head: Directly across from the Alder Meadow Road intersection, on State Route 9, approximately one half mile south of the intersection of Route 74. There's a parking lot near the trail head, which passes through tunnels under the Northway.

The details: 2.4 miles RT, Moderate Climb, Elevation 1693.