How To Hike in The Adirondacks

You can create a quick shelter rom rain or cold using a heavy-duty trash bag with a hole cut out for your face.

You can create a quick shelter rom rain or cold using a heavy-duty trash bag with a hole cut out for your face.

Hey you, trail warrior – you think you might know EVERYTHING about hiking in the Adirondacks. But guess what? From the novice, to the experienced trailblazer, it’s never too soon, or too late, to brush up on a few safety tips.

And the best resource, from the bottom of the trail to the top of the mountain, is the New York Department of Conservation.

Each year,  DEC)Forest Rangers search for about 200 lost or stranded people. Folks we have reported on this blog.

Many people can avoid this potentially life-threatening situation if they prepare for their trip: Top o’ The List: Bring waterproof matches, fire starter material and a warm jacket.  Learn to use a topographic map, GPS and compass
and ALWAYS  carry them.

Don’t trust technology -- trust your compass. The DEC says many people get lost because they don’t believe their compass. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) units have become almost commonplace.

But they are only an aid to navigation and must be used along with a compass and map. Knowing your GPS coordinates may be of little help if you cannot figure out which way and how far you need to walk to reach safety.  Wanna now more? Click right here!

From Our Friends In North Warren County

Just south of the Main Village of Schroon, which sits in Essex County, our neighbors on the lake are serviced by North Warren County. Those towns include Brant Lake, Chestertown, Adirondack and Pottersville,  in the Towns of Chester and Horicon. These hamlets have so much to offer in every season (just like their neighbors in Essex).

The North Warren County has done a bang up job promoting their part of Adirondack Paradise in the above video, from the Chamber of Commerce. So no matter which part of our area you call “home”,  enjoy the sights and sounds of the North Country we all love.

Craft Beer: New York State's New Bumper "crop"

If you think Paradox Beer's Big New Tent is a sign that the New York craft beer biz is doing well, you are correct!  Paradox can barely keep making beer fast enough, and this year's thirsty summer crowds packing the German style beer hall tent are doing their fair share to make brewers Devon and JD, get a moments rest.

Want some hard numbers about New York States Farm Breweries? Check out our Food and Drink section.

Take the Worry Out Of Owning an Adirondack Camp or Home

If you are a long time camp or home owner, or are about to become one, there are multiple responsibilities that come with this honor – thanks to the extremes of our four seasons. From winterization, to opening it up for the summer, to everything in between, there are literally dozens of details to attend to.

But there is a family owned business based in the hamlet of Adirondack, Adirondack Home Watch, that cane takes the worry out of home ownership, for both year round and seasonal folks.

The business is run by Kathy Hill, a native Adirondacker who has resided in Warren County her entire life.

Together with her husband Mike, they can take care of just about any detail to do with your home or camp, from security, property and concierge services.

Check out our post in our Real Estate section for more on AHW, by clicking here. And learn more about Kathy and Mike , in our Profile Section, by clicking here.