Big Sales in Schroon

Schroon Lake Marina's Craig Kennedy

Schroon Lake Marina's Craig Kennedy

Two of our advertisers on Schroon are having HUGE sales this week, which we’d like to bring to your attention.

We are very proud to welcome aboard Curtis Lumber, our newest advertiser, and their $12.99 gas bottle refill. (Hurry – the sale ends this month!) Click on their ad, (to the left) and you’ll be taken to their main website, where you can find even more end of summer bargains.

And Schroon Lake Marina is having a massive sale at their brand, spanking new showroom. So check them out. (And we’ll have more end of season sale news, soon).

And of course a huge thank-you to all of our readers on Schroon We have had our best year ever, with huge numbers of page views and unique visitors. Thanks for reading us, supporting our advertisers and thanks for spreading the word.


Chipotle Brownies: Why You Should Try Them

If you love chocolate and you love chilies – then we pretty much will guarantee that you are going to love Chef Shelby’s Chipotle Brownies. We first tried them when Mr. P’s Smokehouse, where the brownies come from, first opened a few years back. They were delicious. But we were totally bummed when  a technology fail – lead to them being taken off the menu. Find out what happened next in our Food and Drink Section.

Schroon Lake Writer's Group: Seeking New Members

If  you write poetry, short stories, fiction or are thinking about sharing your life story in a memoir, the Schroon Lake Library offers a Writer’s Group.

You’ll be guided by the gentle hand of Carol Gregson, and a supportive group of writers, who will offer feedback and inspiration.

The group’s first meeting is set for Tuesday, September 15, from 10am – 12pm, at the library. Writers are encouraged to bring a piece to share with the group. For more information, call the library at (518) 532-7737, ext. 13.

Enjoy The Rest Of Your ADK Summer: Winter is Gonna Suck


Think last winter was bad? Well, according to the 2015 edition of the Farmer’s Almanac, we are going to get our freezing backsides kicked again.

Expect below-normal temperatures for about three-quarters of the nation, predicts the Almanac.

From The Almanac:  “Over the eastern third of the country, we are expecting an active storm track with a number of storms delivering copious amounts of snow and rain. Near-normal precipitation is expected for the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest States, and Northern Plains, while below-normal precipitation values are forecast for the Southwest States as well as the Upper Midwest and the Great Lakes. The Central and Southern Plains are expected to receive above-average precipitation.

We are “red flagging” the first 10 days of January and the first week of February along the Atlantic Seaboard for active wintry weather featuring bouts of heavy precipitation and strong winds. Another red flag time frame for widespread wintry conditions is the middle part of March from the nation’s midsection to the East Coast”.

Got your own prediction? Share it with us in comments.