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  Photo courtesy: Tom Rosecrans


Photo courtesy: Tom Rosecrans

Just a reminder that tonight, that’s Wednesday, October 29, Schroon lake Central School’s As part of the Schroon Lake National Honor Society features a very special guest: Tom Rosecrans of SUNY Adirondack Adventure Sports and Rocksport.

He’ll be giving a presentation on his life of adventure in rock climbing and explorations from the  ‘Dacks to the Himalayas. This event will be held in the Schroon Lake Central School's auditorium at 7 PM and is free to all.

Capturing the Adirondacks

  View from Gore Mountain Ski Resort. Schroon Laker Collection. Copyright2014


View from Gore Mountain Ski Resort. Schroon Laker Collection. Copyright2014

As readers of Schroon Laker know, we love sharing stunning images taken here in our own backyards and beyond, capturing the ‘Dacks in all four of her surprising seasons of light and color.

And there’s no shortage of wonderful images to be had – and for a lot of us getting them is as  easy as pulling out our smart phones.

If you are looking at ways to take your snapshots to the next level, there’s a free photography workshop next Tuesday (November 4th) in Ticonderoga, given by Nancy Carter. Her presentation is called “A Sense of Place: Photographing the Adirondacks”.

Nancy will encourage you to photograph from a sense of place -- your heart -- and not worry about the so called rules of photography. Nancy will use her work and other locals, as well as showing the using the images of Carl Heilman II and Nathan Farb.

This event is free, co-sponsored by the Ticonderoga Area Cultural Arts Initiative, and is made possible in par, by the Essex County Arts Council CAP Grant, supported by the Essex County Board of Supervisors.

Where and When: Tuesday, November 4th @ 7pm. The Ti Arts Downtown Gallery, 119 Montcalm Street, Ticonderoga.

More Art and Music For Schroon

If you thought we couldn’t add any more art or music to Schroon…then take note!

Joanie Cunningham, from Joanies Goodies, has just announced plans to open an art space and a music studio for area teens. And to make room  for this new endeavor, she is holding an auction this Saturday at her restaurant. You’ll recall that Joanie is the little engine that CAN do it all – from fighting off a life threatening disease since 2009 – to running a business. “I'm feeling much better and I am really busy!," Joanie wrote to us. Get more of the story after the jump:

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