Schroon Laker: Expanding Our Coverage

Schroon Laker: Expanding Our Coverage

Now in our 4th year, we are proudly growing by leaps and bounds. Our analytics (web speak for how many readers we have and page views) are off the charts. Our loyal readers continue to spread the word about ‘the LAKER.

And as we grow, you will find more coverage of all things in North Warren County, where there is A LOT happening. You will be hearing a lot about the Tri-Lakes Business Alliance in the future.

The Alliance encompasses Chestertown, Brant Lake, Pottersville and the hamlet of Adirondack. The Alliance is a driving force in promoting tourism and boosting commerce in the area which covers much of our readership – south of Scaroon Manor – on both sides of our precious lake.

The Alliance’s goal is to bring fun and exciting events and other improvements to our community.  The Alliance is a not-for-profit organization of business owners and individuals who take pride in their towns -- all working together to promote their lake communities.

What we like about the Alliance? It complements and works with other organizations supporting their communities, including the North Warren Chamber of Commence, Chestertown Rotary, town governments and other groups.  Here’s the best part: the Alliance is well known for getting projects off the ground quickly. Meetings are held every other Friday at 9am at The Panther Mountain Inn.


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Scaroon Manor's Amphitheater’s Second Chance

The performances by Schroon’s ADK Shakes company at Scaroon Manor will hopefully be going a lot smoother  -- literally -- since the repaving of the resort’s once magnificent amphitheater.

These photos – from ADK Shakes – show the work going on in the state park in Warren County. We have reported extensively on the efforts of ADK Shakes co-founders Patrick Siler and Tara Bradway and their efforts to revive and save this part of Up State New York’s artistic history.


This summer the company worked with interlocking foam panels on the rough surface. Congrats to Patrick and supporters for their dedication in this effort.

The Ghost Town in Our Own Backyard

Forget all of those scary houses that charge admission  -- the Adirondack’s boasts its own real life ghost town in Tahawus. Please note: we are not endorsing visiting this old mining town at night-time – but if you are into history and exploring IN DAYLIGHT, then this may be for you.

Tahawus was the site of major mining and iron smelting operations in the 19th century. In this spot many of mining facilities have been demolished and removed with the exception of some minor garages, blast furnaces and outbuildings, which Mother Nature has not been kind to. For Presidential history buffs it was in Tahawus in 1901 that Vice President Theodore Roosevelt learned President William McKinley was dying and rode via horse back to North Creek.

Directions: From the Northway take exit 29, go west on Blue Ridge Rd for 18 miles, then turn right (north) onto Tahawus Rd (City Hwy 28) and continue until it ends at the ghost town.