Three Cheers For The Brewers of Paradox

The three cool brewers of Paradox--  Devon Hamilton, Thomas Formicola,  and James DeWaard, -- can be spotted in a video, promoting a new, upcoming series on PBS about the Empire State's growing brewing industry, Brewed in NY.  The three appear briefly in the video, captured while kicking back at this year's NY Craft Beer Festival in Utica. Check out the video in our Food and Drink section, by clicking here.


Remembering Fall

Photo by Paul Murtha. All Rights Reserved. 2016

Photo by Paul Murtha. All Rights Reserved. 2016

As the snow falls in Schroon, it was time for some email box cleaning. We came across this extraordinary photo by Paul Murtha, taken during an early morning hike at Big Pond in September. Thanks Paul for sharing. Do you have pictures you want the world to see? Send them to  us via email at this address:


Minerva's Lil Nony's Bake Sale

For many folks, a visit to Lil Nony's Bakery in Minerva, is more than a dining experience, it’s a trip down memory lane. Now, you can own a piece of history. This successful, fun family business –- open seasonally –- is for sale.

Known by holiday makers and locals alike as an Adirondack gem, this specialty bakery features homemade donuts, sticky buns, pies, cheesecakes, sandwiches, wraps, soups and more. The list price is $330,000.

The price includes land, building, all kitchen equipment and the secret recipes of this profitable business. Schroon’s Brooke Clark (518-222-6553) has the listing. Read what two recent customers had to say about their dining experience this past summer in our Food and Drink section.