Knock, Knock....

Photo By Pat Throne. Copy Right 2014. All rights reserved.

Photo By Pat Throne. Copy Right 2014. All rights reserved.

Who is there" Why it's Pat Thorne and her stunning images of these two pileated woodpeckers. Pat says they're "looking for larva in a dying poplar tree.  Notice the standup feathers on the youngster’s head on the right side.  A really hip fellow". Below is another of these beauties, potentially the dad. Thanks again Pat for sharing. Do you have pictures to share?

Photo By Pat Throne. Copy Right 2014. All rights reserved.

Photo By Pat Throne. Copy Right 2014. All rights reserved.

More from Pat: "Looks like he is asking “What did you say?” I had fun with these birds as they stayed for about 2 hours eating the larva in the tree.  I had to wait till they got into the light on the cloudy day to get these photos.  I hope you enjoy them."

Countdown to the 18th Annual ADK Marathon Weekend

This year's Race features a Presidential Pace Bear. Photo Courtesy ADK Marathon

This year's Race features a Presidential Pace Bear. Photo Courtesy ADK Marathon

A week from today Schroon Lake and our surrounding neighbor towns will be a hopping’  -- with the running of the 18th Annual ADK Marathon.

More than 400 runners are signed up for the big event on Sunday, with hundreds more registered for the various other runs that weekend in our adjoining towns: including the 1K Kids Fun Run and a 5K and 10K events.

Back this year will be the now famous Pace Bears  -- who will help runners meet their goals. Whether you are aiming for a 3:30, 3:45, 4:00, 4:15, 4:30 or 4:45 finish – there’s a pace bear for you.

And among this year’s bears is one with a Presidential Connection: From the official ADK Marathon Website:

David King (Boston) 3:45 pace group
Yes, this isn’t normal Pace Bear attire, but David King, one of our Adirondack Marathon Pace Bear heroes, received a TV Press Conference commendation last year from President Obama several days after the Boston bombing. After he ran the course, prequalifying for this year’s Boston, he completed his cool down on the way to Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. David King, an Army reservist and MGH trauma surgeon was eminently qualified, accustomed to treating injuries of this type in Afghanistan’s frontline combat support hospitals. Only this was here in the United States.

As we strive to rise above this senseless act and strengthen our already strong community of runners, we are now presented with these horrific images superimposed over the triumphant, bittersweet stories of the survivors and those who played such a key role that day. The latest Fox TV News documentary interviews Dr. King as well as some of the patients he saved. Runner’s World also follows up, emphasizing that the process is ongoing, with Dr. King working with Boston Marathon personnel to secure the tourniquets that were so lacking last year. We can always learn.

Meanwhile, do take the opportunity to shake Dr. King’s hand at the packet pickup, pasta dinner, or meet-and-greet before Sunday’s post time. You might even ramp up your training and join his 3:45 pace group!

For more stories and the official schedule, go to our ADK Marathon section.

Breaking News: Patrick Siler Resigns From Executive Chamber Position

Patrick Siler has resigned from  his position as the Executive Director of the Schroon Lake area Chamber Of Commerce after five months on the job.

Siler, an attorney and co-founder of ADK Shakes, was hired after an extensive search when the Schroon Lake Chamber of Commerce board of directors created the position earlier this year.

Part of Siler's mission was to boost chamber membership, attract new businesses and build on Schroon's reputation as a premiere tourism destination by attracting new year round events.

The annoucnemt was made by Schroon Lake Chamber of Commerce President Tony Kostecki.

Here is the official press-release:

Dear Schroon Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Members:

I regret to inform you that Schroon Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Patrick Siler submitted his letter of resignation to the Chamber's Board of Directors.  Mr. Siler's last day was Friday, September 12, 2014. Unfortunately after 5 months on the job, Mr. Siler decided that the position was not a good fit for him. 

As valued members of our organization, the Board and I wanted to make sure that you were aware of his resignation directly from us rather than through the grapevine. 

The Chamber Board will be working to fill the position as soon as we're able.  In the interim, please direct any questions regarding Chamber business to me or Ms. Shelby Davis, our Vice-President. 

Thank you for your continued support of the Schroon Lake Chamber of Commerce and for your commitment to the business of Adirondack Community in the Schroon Lake Region.


Tony Kostecki, President

Schroon Lake Chamber of Commerce


Frontier Town Foillies: The Saga Continues....

George Moore  -- who won the Frontier Town property in a Essex County Property Tax Auction this Spring, only to have it taken away in a controversial move by the Town of North Hudson -- looks like he will retain the property after all.  Lohr McKinstry for the Press-Republican reports on the latest developments here.

Voters rejected the town’s acquisition of the one time popular Wild West attraction by the Town of North Hudson in a referendum vote,  of 80 against and 52 in favor.

The Keeseville businessman and developer, already owned Frontier Town property  -- featuring the A-frame building with direct access to the Northway --  before he won the remaining parcels of land with a $49,500 bid at the April 30th auction.

Almost immediately the County Board of Supervisors rejected the bid and voted to sell it to the Town of North Hudson for $60,000. North Hudson Town Supervisor Ronald Moore told Schroon Laker he wanted to develop the site for various recreational pursuits, including snow mobiling, horseback riding and biking.

From The Press Republican:

“George Moore has a pending lawsuit in State Supreme Court against the county and town over the reversal.

“The next thing will be, we have to settle the litigation with George Moore,” North Hudson Town Supervisor Ronald Moore said. (The two Moore’s are NOT related).

“It will be up to the Board of Supervisors. A number of different scenarios could play out, whether they want to award it to George Moore or put it back up for auction.”

You can read more of the story here.