FOUND: Missing Dresser From PineCone Mercantile


UPDATE -- SATURDAY NIGHT: DRESSER HAS BEEN RETURNED.  From Lisa Hess Marks: Pine Cone Mercantile would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of support for the missing dresser. Someone did come forward who thought it was a "free" item. It has been returned. Thanks again to a great community for your "shares" and your concerns! Edward Marks and Lisa Hess-Marks/ Pine Cone Mercantile & North Woods Bread Co.

OUR EARLIER REPORT:Lisa Hess Marks, owner of Pinecone Mercantile, needs your help. A four draw rustic style oak dresser (above)  -- waiting for customer pick up outside her store -- has been taken. This happened between 12 pm -  1 pm Saturday From Lisa:

 "Hello Schroon Lake Community. I would really appreciate your help. Pine Cone Mercantile placed an antique dresser outside the shop this morning... and it has "walked away". This dresser was on its way to a new customer's home... and it is truly unfortunate.

Please call me (Lisa) if you have any information 518 532-0220. All I want is the piece back, no questions asked".

The dresser was last seen outside Pinecone Mercantile, right in front of the Direct TV store.

We truly hope this was an honest mistake: someone thinking this piece was "up for grabs" on the sidewalk, and not something more sinister. This is not the Schroon Lake all of us who treasure this piece of paradise, have come to know and love.


Meet The Pipers

Photo Courtesy Mark and Sharon Piper

Photo Courtesy Mark and Sharon Piper

We first met the Mark and Sharon Piper when we stayed at their glorious Bed and Breakfast just after they had become the inn's new owners in 2009. What an experience! And what a breakfast! You may them as inn keepers, but there's a lot more behind this fun loving, dynamic duo, which you can learn about in our Profiles section.

Cheers For Paradox Beers

Photo MONTAGE Courtesy Paradox Brewery

Photo MONTAGE Courtesy Paradox Brewery

The accolades and medals keep rolling in for Schroon's own Paradox Brewery. Huge congrats to brew masters Devon and JD! Their Southern Hemisphere Double IPA won bronze at last weekend’s TAP New York Beer Contest.  Everyone at PDX are “honored and humbled to be recognized for what we love doing.”

Amen to that. If you want a taste of this brilliant drop, ya better hurry. These hand bottled beauties are flying out the door of the breweries Tasting Room.

From PDX founder Paul Mrocka:

“The medal winning beer is a limited release Double IPA brewed with loads of southern hemisphere hops from New Zealand. This is a big, bold IPA with coconut, mango and especially white grape flavors from the hop profile and notes of peach and nectarine courtesy of our house yeast blend.  A puffy mouthfeel is provided by the flaked oats we add. We’re working hard to source more of these hard-to-come-by hops with the hope that we can continue brewing this award winner!"

This Saturday, like most days, will be an excellent time to drink a Paradox Beer or two!


Picture By Brooke Van Clark. All Rights Reserved

Picture By Brooke Van Clark. All Rights Reserved

Before Schroon Realtor Brooke Van Clark took off on a well deserved Spring Break,  she was able to capture this perfect view of our beloved Schroon Lake. Sure, Brooke had to get up early, but we all  agree, her efforts were well rewarded.