Lost and Found: The Roman Edition

Meet Roman, a gorgeous Cocketiel, that is dearly missed by his owner, Deana Bevins.

From Deana:

"If anyone happens to see a beautiful Cockatiel bird around Schrron Lake, He is mine. He got out this morning about 9am near Leland Ave. He talks and whistles. Usually comes to you by saying "Come here, baby" His name is Roman. Here is a photo of him. His head is yellow, orange and white and his body is gray and white. Thank you so much. If you catch him please please call me!

Contact Deana through Facebook or call her on  518-532-9122.

Spring Cleaning? We Know Who Wants Your Stuff!

Yes, we think we can safely say that Spring is here. (Let’s forget that last hit of snow on April 23rd, shall we!).

And that means cobwebs being swept from many a camp, and a ton of spring-cleaning ahead for both locals and second homeowners. Updating your furnishings or doing some down sizing? We’ve got some good news for you.

The Lions Club of Schroon Lake needs your stuff for their annual Memorial Day Weekend Garage Sale and Auction at The Boathouse. This year Memorial Day is the weekend of Saturday, May 23 to Monday May 25.

If you’ve got great stuff to donate to the Lions Club sale, please let them know ASAP. They will even come to your house for a pick up.

For more information, call Glen at (518) 351-5024.