The Strand Stands Tall

  Copyright Schroon Laker Collection

Copyright Schroon Laker Collection

For “the summer people,” returning and first time visitors, there are many changes happening at the Strand Theater this summer.

In place of films this season, Larry and Liz McNamara have turned the space into an intimate music venue, while waiting final funding to convert the cinema’s projector, screen and sound system to a digital format.

Behind the fundraising effort, are many members of the Save the Strand committee, which recently met to talk about the strategic plan for the Strand.

From The Committee’s Emily Rossi-Snook:

Schroon Lakers can check out the new banners outside the Strand: one is a gauge of how much we've collected and how far we have yet to go.

Instead of using the usual "thermometer" gauge, we have the total amount divided into tenths with the divisions represented in famous movie titles:; at "Five Easy Pieces", we're half way to our goal. I'm sure the patrons will appreciate our creativity! The second banner will be up shortly, if Larry hasn't hung it already: its message: "It's Not Summer Without the Strand" with information on how to make donations is to encourage patrons who did not receive an appeal letter this past spring.

We're hoping that those patrons who want to know how to help keep movies in the Strand will drive by, note the information, and help us reach our goal and have this jewel on Main Street showing first run movies again.

A committee member is working with a  local business person in offering t-shirts and mugs with proceeds to  benefit the digital upgrade at the Strand. These will be hot items with our original "Save the Strand" logo and a vintage image of the Strand on the mugs.

We have received some very nice donations with  heartfelt sentiments. I will be contacting ANCA this week for the latest update. But watch the gauge on the movie titles and hope we get to "The Big Red ONE" soon!