Beartracks in Schroon: Tuesday, August 19

From The Schroon Lake Arts Council:

"Beartracks" began as a trio in 2004. Legendary Dobro player Junior Barber convinced his cousins, Tom and Julie, to make the switch from playing traditional country music in clubs to playing bluegrass oriented material at festivals around the Northeast. The main focus of the group was the sibling vocal harmony of Tom and Julie and Junior’s unique stylist approach to playing resonator guitar. Although not a traditionally structured bluegrass group, the trio gained acceptance and a solid fan base at festivals throughout the Eastern US and in Canada from Calgary to PEI. Scott Hopkins, an experienced bluegrass musician, joined the group in the summer of 2012, bringing a driving banjo style and, at times, adding a third part harmony to the group. The addition of the banjo brought a much more traditional bluegrass sound to Beartracks, although you will still hear some Hank and Merle in their sets. When Junior decided to retire in June of 2013, they searched far and wide for a musician that would fit with the group both on a personal and professional level. Finally, in late July 2013, the perfect fourth bear was located at a festival in Danby, VT. Harry Ralph, an extraordinary fiddle player and a great person, decided to accept the offer to become a permanent member of Beartracks. It is evident to all who see Beartracks perform that the members of Beartracks love the music, each other and the fans.