Oh, Deer

This is peak season for vehicle collisions with deer and moose, especially in the early morning and early evening hours, reports the New York Department of Transport, so be on the look out on local roadways.

With a statewide deer population of approximately 900,000, the DOT estimates there are between 60,000 to 70,000 deer-vehicle collisions that occur throughout New York State each year. Deer and Moose often travel in packs, so the chances are if you see one, more may follow.

Travelers can assist NYSDOT with monitoring trends in moose travel patterns by reporting moose sightings at the department’s Web site @ www.nysdot.gov/divisions/engineering/environmental-analysis/adirondack-park-forest-preserve  or send an e-mail to MO-MooseSiting@dot.state.ny.us.