Two Things Not On Mike Marnell's Agenda

While Town Supervisor elect Mike Marnell prepares for his new job and sets a list of priorities for the Town of Schroon, he is steadfast on issues impacting Essex County.

With his new office comes an appointment to the Essex County Board of Supervisors and Marnell shared with Schroon Laker last week two issues he has very strong views on.

"There’s talk of closing the nursing home in Elizabeth Town and I am against it," Marnell told Schroon Laker.

"We should take care of the seniors. If we ever get old enough to ever need a nursing home, I think it should be available."

In fact just this week, the current Board voted to explore privatizing the Horace Nye Nursing Home.

Marnell is also opposed to having a casino in Essex County, an issue that got some attention in August, when Governor Cuomo was said to be considering an amendment to allow non tribal gambling in New York Sate.

"I would never endorse building a casino in Essex County. I wouldn’t want it Warren county. When we get to a piont where we have to live on someone else’s sorrow, I don’t want it”

As Marnell gets ready to take office in January, what are the pressing issues here in Schroon that need attention? Tell us in comments.