You Know You’re Famous When…

You are famous when you are immortalized in a song! And that honor was recently bestowed upon Witherbee’s Carriage House, by local musician and Schroon Lake icon Mark Piper. Mark‘s “Witherbee’s  Blues” is an homage to his favorite watering hole,  a place he fondly refers to as a roadhouse.

“Witherbee’s is very special to me. It’s not just a bar or a restaurant, but a roadhouse. It’s a fun, family place. I wanted to write a song for Patty and Bill (Witherbee’s owners) to tell them what it means to me. They deserve a song.”

The song tells the story of Mark’s love, not only for Witherbee’s, but the Thursday Night open mic, where he runs the show.

“I told my baby I’d be out late

Knew she might be a bit irate

Going to play and have some fun

Gonna get some drinkin’ done

Don’t be shy about what you choose

Come on down and get the Witherbee’s Blues

Witherbee’s Blues, what I say

Witherbee’s Blues, it’s my turn to play

Tomorrow morning I’m gonna pay my dues

When I wake up with the Witherbee’s Blues

You can hear Mark play the song tonight at Thursday’s Open Mic Night. The weekly event, held year ‘round, has gained popularity, since Mark first bought the idea to Bill and Patty two years ago.

“Schroon Lake has always had the acoustic open mic night during the summer at The Boathouse, but I wanted to have a place where people could plug in with their guitars and amps,” mark said.

“On a regular basis, we get at least five performers who are not from this area, who travel here to be part of the open mic. That’s pretty impressive”.

"And I am also fond of this place because of the free popcorn, and of course the big ass steaks," he said with a laugh.

Mark said he developed his love of performing at open mic nights, growing up in Maryland and later in Pennsylvania.

“Those experiences really inspired me to become a musician. I am happy that I can continue this tradition”.

Witherbee’s Carriage House. Thursdays @ 6.30 pm 581 Route 9. Schroon Lake. (518) 532-9595