When the Wild West Lived on near Schroon...


Today, (Sunday) head on over to the opening of the Schroon-North Hudson Historical Museum, where you’ll discover a new exhibit on one of our favorite area attractions, the long shuttered  Frontier Town, where re-enactors once bought to life the wild west in an amusement park setting.

New exhibits will also feature Dr Phillip Sawyer and 150 Years: The Civil War. The day kicks off with music and refreshments at 12:30pm.

Although we never got to experience Frontier Town in its glory days, we’ve made a couple of  trips to the now ghost town like site.

Wandering around the many abandoned attractions had our imaginations running wild about how cool it must have been back in the day to be a kid and relive the wild west in the North Country. If you can't make it to the exhibit, you can learn about the amusement park's rich history here.

We can’t wait to see what Frontier Town goodies are on display,  as the only keepsakes around these days are on Ebay. 

Schroon-North Hudson Historical Museum. 1144 Route 9. just north of downtown. Summer Hours: 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm, Friday to Sunday.