The Bus To Paradise

If you’ve got New York City friends and family planning a visit here – who don’t have access to a car – then Adirondack Trialways might be your best bet for door to door service. 

The company, that boasts it has safety endorsement from the United States Department of Defense, runs a once daily service from New York’s Port Authority to the Mt. Severance Store on Route 9, just north of Schroon Lake Village. 

A time saving express service is offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, shaving an hour off the trip. On those days the Trailways bus departs from Port Authority at 9:45am and arrives at Albany at 12:25pm. It departs at 1:30 pm and arrives in Schroon Lake at 4:30pm.  For all other days, the bus departs Port Authority at 8:30am, arrives in Albany at 11:20am, departs at 1:30 pm arriving in Schroon Lake at 4:30pm.

There is only one daily departure to New York City from the Mr Severance Store at 12:50pm each day, getting you to Port Authority at 7:15pm.  Cost each way for the bus is $69.  If you want to pick up or drop off your guests from Albany, the one way ticket is $24.00. More info at the Trailways call center at 1-800-776.7548