Crash Victims Named

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones, family and friends of a young child and woman killed in a car accident on the Northway at Schroon yesterday. 

State Police say the crash occurred at about 10:44 am, when a Nissan mini van entering the Northway at exit 28, was struck by a tractor trailer when the van suddenly turned in front of the truck. Police said the driver of the truck had moved his rig into the left lane to allow the van to merge onto the highway, when the van swerved into his path.  The family was from Montreal. From The Post Star:

State Police said the crash in the Town of Schroon claimed the lives of Halima Halim, 41, and her 5-year-old child, Monsef Mchichou. Ahmed Mchichou, 40, and 2-year-old Vasmine Mchichou survived the wreck and were taken to Glens Falls Hospital for treatment of their injuries.