Schroon's Post Office To Get Busier?

Schroon Lake’s Post Office might be getting a little busier, if a review of  the viability of the post office in North Hudson results in its closure.

On Tuesday, the US Postal Service issued a list of 3,653 post office they are reviewing for potential closure. On the list is the post office in North Hudson and three in the Johnsburg area. From The PostStar:

As in Johnsburg, the rural and isolated inhabitants of North Hudson would face a 10-mile drive to the nearest office in Schroon Lake if the local location is shuttered.

"I heard we might be on the short list," said Jean McKee, an administrative clerk for the town of North Hudson, who makes daily runs to the post office. "I think it's awful."

The computer age has taken a huge byte out of the profitability of the post office – with email largely replacing the role that first class mail once had. The USPS operates 31,871 retail offices nationwide, down substantially from 38,000 ten years ago. The Postal Service is expected to lose $ 8 billion dollars this year. Got ideas on how the USPS could save money? Tell us in comments.