You Know It’s Summer

Sunset Schroon Lake, Saturday, July 2, 2011

Despite this morning’s thunderclaps – and over all crappy forecast for today – Saturday was sure feeling like it’s the 4th of July weekend.

And you know the summer seasons has officially started when you see the following:

Renegade fire works light up the lake on July 2 (Nice show from the east side last night)

Folks not always giving way to pedestrians in cross walks (Yes, we are talking about you, Mrs Vermont Plates)

A packed to capacity Town Beach with swimmers being taken care of by our diligent life guards  (Shout out to Dan!)

Very cool looking Harley Davidsons parked neatly on Main Street

NYS Police enforcing the speed limit – A HUGE THANKS

Packed restaurants, stores and parking lots all over town

No Vacancy signs everywhere

Shoppers at Grand Union wandering around an unfamiliar grocery store layout trying to find the salad dressing (Thanks Mom!)

The Word of Life shuttle pontoon boat logging multi frequent boater miles with non-stop runs between the island and mainland.

There’s a longer wait than usual at Stewart’s for ice cream.

Garage Sale signs all over

Everyone is smiling

How do you know it’s summer? Tell us in comments.