What A Day!

Picture perfect weather, red white and blue everywhere, a shower of candy, and thousands of smiling, happy people made this a Schroon Lake July 4th to remember.

Whether you celebrated at the beach, town park or threw your own party, Schroon embraced Independence Day with gusto, before a very Patriotic parade and eye popping fireworks.

Jockeying for prime seats for the parade began early in the day, with chairs placed in the top spots all along Main Street, making parking a little more challenging. We witnessed a stand-off outside Timberwolf ‘s when an SUV driver discovered a perfect spot, only to be thwarted by a woman putting three chairs in his path.

Smokey deliciousness filled the air, from both the Schroon Lake Community Church barbecue chicken lunch, to Mr P’s Smokehouse just up the Road.

All day long the music blasted from the stage at the Town Park. The Lion’s club served up thousands of hot dogs , there were lines out the door at Stewarts  and restaurants were packed.

As the sun set, a crowd estimated at around 20,000 thousand lined the Parade route. There was a shower of candy, bubblegum, frisbees and baseball caps. The veterans float got large a large applause.

"Wow, this is really lovely. We don't have anything like  this is Australia," said Judy Batson, visiting from Sydney, and staying with family.

"You'd be really prepared for a fire up here," said her husband John, commenting on the number of Schroon Lake Fire Department rigs.

Too hard too judge who had the best float, but we were really impressed by that kick butt kids band playing Lady Ga Ga! What was the best part about your 4th?