Pirates in Schroon -- ARRR

The high seas, pirates, a love story – ARRRR…sounds like the latest installment of that popular Johnny Depp franchise.

But it’s also the storyline of one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s best loved comic operas, the Pirates of Penzance, which premieres tonight at the Seagle Music Colony for four sold out performances.

So popular is this show that a special matinee performance has been added for this Friday, August 12, at 2pm. For tickets click here.

The story features Frederic, who upon his 21st birthday, is released from an apprenticeship by a band of good natured pirates. Fred falls fast for Mabel, the daughter of Major-General Stanley. Things get sticky when it’s revealed that because Fred is a leap year baby (born on February 29) he technically has not served his full apprenticeship and thus must wait until he is 63 before he and Mabel can be together.

This opera features one of our favorite G&S songs: “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General” (often referred to as the Major-General's Song.

Major Stanley sings this upon his entrance near the end of Act 1, It’s referred to as a patter song, and with its fast paced lyrics, it’s a bit of a tongue twister and hands down crowd pleaser.

Nicholas Ward gets to show his stuff as the Major tonight. The rest of the cast: Mabel - Virginia Barney
 Ruth - Katie Abraham,
 Frederic - Ian McEuen
, Sargeant of Police - Wesley Gentle
 Pirate King - Alex Ritchie.

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