Sushi in Schroon Lake?

By looking at the photo above you might be forgiven for thinking that's a piece of sushi swimming in a pool of soy sauce -- with my hand in it!. Actually, it's a fishing lure deeply embedded in my thumb. This little mishap happened around this time last year. There was no way this was coming out the way it went in. What to do? I headed over to the Hudson Headwater Health Center, where my thumb ended up soaking in a bowl of iodine. A doctor there shot me up with a pain killer in my thumb and once it was numb, used wire cutters to detach the hook from the lure, then – if you are squeamish, ya might want to skip this next part --  proceeded to push the hook through the fleshy part of my thumb and out the other side with a pair of pliers. The point of the story is not to gross you out, but to tell you about the fine treatment I received at the Health Center. I was lucky to be seen that day, as the Center does not take walk ins -- I learned that recently after I wanted to get a bloody nose checked out after falling face first on some slippery rocks on our beach. (By now you must think I am a true klutz, but seriously, I am not). I was instead directed to their walk in friendly clinic in Warrensburg Health Center Plaza. Go south on I-87. Get off at exit 23 and make a right at the end of the ramp. Make another right at the intersection. You will go through a second light and the health center is on the left after the light. Travel time: about 35 minutes. 3767 Main Street. Warrensburg, NY 12885.  (518) 623-2844