Irene's Wet and Windy Punch

We are getting reports that there are power outages around the lake. At around 9.45 am we received our first report from a family on the west shore of the lake that their generator had kicked in.

So far it seems like Irene is gonna hammer us with a lot of rain – and not too much wind, although we are getting reports of white caps on the lake. (A far cry from yesterday’s spectacular showing by Mother Nature, who gave us one of her better late summer days)

Area businesses  -- as of 10.30 am  -- seem to be unaffected. Deb Philp, from True North Yoga, is holding classes at her studio on Main Street. (Deb has a supply of candles at the ready if need be).

If you have a cancellation for an activity today, please let us know in comments. If you have photos or reports of any damage, email us at

For the latest on power outages, check the National Grid website