Schroon Post Irene: It's A Mess Out There

Don't let this gorgeous day fool you -- Irene's aftermath is still with us. The lake is rising and that means things that should normally not be floating away are. We just received this report from a reader, which wraps up what they've seen and heard today.

"The water is as high as the flooding in the spring.  It's a mess.  trees down everywhere, power out on east shore and places on the west side. Town has power.  Docks and boats breaking loose because everyone has their docks out!  I don't know the true extent of the damage re docks, just hearing people talk.

The twin bridges down towards Albany on the Northway was closed, a barge broke loose and threatened to take out the bridges.  It's open now.  But exit 8 is closed.  They are evacuating Schenectady due to flooding. Lots of power outages all over.

The dam in Greenwich is about to break.

The Thruway below Albany is closed.

I don't know if you can actually get up here if you wanted to!

The causeway to the north of Schroon is underwater.  East Shore drive has trees down and is closed.  To get to the east shore, you have to go down to Chestertown and take some obscure way over there.

That's what I have heard so far this morning.

Vermont is even worse.

Hope you are having a better day down there!"