Remembering Frontier Town

Frontier Town will come back to life tomorrow for many folks at the Frontier Town -- Remember When Day at the North Hudson Firehouse and Town hall Complex.

Memorabilia, photos and a few items from the long shuttered western theme park will hopefully spark story telling and memory sharing, Schroon North Hudson Historical Society President Loris Clark told us.

"It's nothing fancy, but a way for those who love Frontier Town to share stories about what it was like. We have folks bringing their photo collections and a few surprises."

 And Loris shared with us what one of those surprises is:

 "We have a nephew of Art Benson (the founder of the Park) coming and he has recordings of many of the original Park Announcements, like those announcing what time the next rodeo is and what events were happening".

There will be hay rides for the kid and an original pillory used at the park, where you'll be able to take photographs. Food will be provided by the North Hudson ladies Auxiliary. 

10 am North Hudson Fire House and Town Hall Complex