Dodging The "Journey" To Schroon Lake

The Twitter and Blogosphere was on fire this weekend as the Adirondack Marathon  -- and our own Schroon Lake – were featured in a video by Dodge in an online contest to win one of three new 2012 Dodge Journeys.

Over the course of several days, Dodge released a series of clues, beginning with a 500 mile clue at Albany, all the way to this past weekend’s 375 mile  clue, which put Schroon Lake at the epicenter of the search when an announcer in the video said the following:

With available seating for 7, the Dodge Journey could comfortably carry all your friends and their gear after you all finish the marathon, known as the most beautiful 26 miles 385 yards you’ll ever run.

So was the Journey claimed in Schroon Lake? No, it was in a 375 mile radius of Schroon – and was found on the coast of Maine. The campaign was designed to get folks to get out into the real world and experience life and the great outdoors in a real world search, not just one on the internet.  Did you go looking for the Journey? Tell us in comments.