What Came First: The Chicken Or The Lobster?

If this headline has you intrigued – blame fellow blogger and foodie Joe Steiniger, from North Country Rambler. Joe, a member of the Schroon Lake Fish and Game Club, has penned a very funny post about his efforts to elevate the humble chicken to top billing at the club’s annual Lobster and Chicken Bake – or is it the Chicken and Lobster Bake?

What this all boils down to is that Joe contends  the chicken he and a few of his buddies slave over, should come before the Lobster in the event's billing, because there’s much more effort put into what he describes as their  “word famous” chicken on the barbie, than into the lobster prep. From The North Country Rambler:

My premise is this - the chicken crew spends weeks preparing for this event.  We blend out secret spice rub for the birds. We simmer our homemade BBQ sauce for hours the day before the event.  We prepare the grill pits - so called firehouse grills - that can barbecue 480 half chickens at one time.  Then we have to slave over smoky BBQ pits for hours to make it all come together - exactly on time. 

The lobster guys on the other hand, show up an hour before, boil some water, plunk in a few hundred lobsters and wait until they turn red.  For this they should get top billing? I don't think so!

For $30 you can be the judge of who is right. That gets you chicken, a lobster, clam chowder, a boiled potato and corn on the cob. There's even a beer cart selling brews. The event is this Saturday, September 10, from Noon onwards. Schroon Lake Fish & Game Club, Hoffman Road. 518-532-7572