Fall Memories...

The grey of winter is everywhere, from our frozen lake, the dirty snow -- not enough of it yet to even really take the sleds out -- to the pile outside Town Hall that never seems to shrink. If you’re over the dreariness, then enjoy this spectacular photo taken by our buddy Jim Bohleber this past fall. Jim calls the above shot: “Are You Lookin at Me?” Writes Jim:

I tried to talk to this butterfly, but it chose to remain "mum." I took them right in the garden in front of my house in Schroon. I was actually leaving to go someplace. As I left, I saw this butterfly fluttering between the mums in the front garden. I went back into the house, grabbed my camera and a longer lens, and went to work. These were the results.

Check out more of Jim’s stunning photos after the jump.

Jim says the above shot is a favotite of many of his friends. He worked his magic with what he calls a "painting conversion" tool. "I intend to have it, and some of my other "paintings" printed on a canvas/matboard combination soon," Jim says. We'll tell you when Jim has these for sale.