Schroon Lakers' New Year's Resolutions

We asked a random bunch of Schroon Lakers about their New Year's Resolutions. We hope you enjoy what they shared with us. And please feel free to add your own in our comments section.

Mike Marnell, new Schroon Lake Town Supervisor

To do my best and be the best person I can be and to serve the people of Schroon Lake.

Laura Donaldson, Schroon Lake Chamber of Commerce, owner of Rocky Acres Sewing and Rocky Acres Inn and B&B and many other hats

Get back on track with eating habits & exercise to get at least back to where I was. Get in the habit of reading ALL mail as it comes in & recycle the same day. My Golden rule is to do a good deed every day whether they know it or not :)

Jane Smith, membership Director of the East Schroon Lake Association, and many other hats

My New Year resolution.....other than the “but really this year I’m going to eat better and get more exercise”....yea, yea.  I truly resolve to strive be more patient.

Anne Gregson, Artist and Life Coach

Lead more with my heart, less with my head. (Nice idea, gathering all these thoughts.) Here's to abundance in everything in the New Year! Merry Merry.

Debbie DeCesare, Owner, DeCesare’s Pizza

My new year's resolution is to get healthy. And to spend more time with my daughter Alyssa and our grandsons, Forrest and Wesley.

Sharon and Mark Piper, Schroon Lake Bed and Breakfast Co-Owners, and many other hats

We have resolved to find time every day to take a short walk by the lake to remind us about why it's so great to live here. In the summer season it's hard to find time to even leave the house some days, so this will be a good challenge for us! Happy New Year! 

Shelby Davis and Chris Palmatier, from Shelby's Kitchen Therapy - a gluten-free bakery located inside Mr. P's Mountain Smokehouse

My new year's resolutions are to be more consistent in writing my blog posts, "play nice" with others when it comes to sharing my gluten-free recipes and drink more good wine. :-)  Chris says he is going to be nicer to my dog, thoroughly research his hikes  (and stop hiking solo) and eat more kale. (Not really on that last one.)  

Joe Steiniger, from The North Country Rambler and head of the Chicken Crew at the Schroon Lake Fish and Game Club

As for resolutions, I don't really think I should call it that because I make the same one every year - to spend more time in Schroon Lake. I think you know how I feel.  

Julie Sawyers, Schroon Lake Chamber of Commerce, Community Garden Co-Chair, many other hats

As for New Years resolutions...I don't make any. I do the best I can on any given day and that's good enough.