Helping Hands

In a little over a month from now, folks everywhere will be preparing and eating the great traditional Thanksgiving Meal. But for some folks – through no fault of their own – that meal so many of us take for granted, won’t be on their tables this year.

We got a reminder of this when we received the email below telling us about how area food pantries are trying to make a difference.

The email comes to via Jane Smith, from the East Shore Schroon Lake Association, who passed it on from a member. Whether you are a local or second homeowner, please consider helping out.

As we start thinking about preparations for the upcoming holidays please keep in mind our less fortunate neighbors and the local food pantries that help them.  You can help with donations of food and/or money. Following is information from one of our members:  Thanks, Elinor.

Schroon Lake Food Pantry – Lincoln Marnell at 518 532-7641.  That pantry is located underneath Hudson Headwaters clinic in Schroon Village.  Walk or drive up on the right of Town Hall.  It is straight ahead – walk down a long ramp, where the book sale is every week in the summer.  Checks can be mailed to Lincoln at the Food Pantry, PO Box 578, Schroon Lake, NY 12870.

Chestertown Food Pantry – Amy Culver at 518 494-2433.  It is located in the town building opposite Grand Union.  Probably best to ask directions to the pantry in the town clerks office the first time someone goes there.  There are back and side doors for delivery of food.  The address is the Food Pantry at Chestertown Town Hall, 6307 State Route 9, Chestertown, NY 12817 in care of Amy.

Horicon Food Pantry – Vicky at 518 494-4643.  It is located in Town Hall in Brant Lake.  The address is the Food Pantry (Vicky), PO Box 90, Horicon Town Hall, Brant Lake, NY 12815. 

Between them these food pantries serve over 250 families, over 220 children of all ages.  They have more seniors than ever before, adult children who lost jobs and have been unable to find new ones are coming home to live with parents sometimes with their families, more folks in their 50s, also the result of downsizing, the mentally ill and people who have seasonal jobs, among others.  Food stamps are paying less.  People cannot make ends meet on SSI.  Grants are ending and they are getting less supplemental help.  They are depending more and more on churches and individual gifts.