Schroon Readies For Sandy: "We Are All Set"

Hurricane Sandy has the potential to impact 64 million people – that’s one in five of all Americans. Here inSchroon Lake the town is prepared for whatever Sandy has in store for us.

We caught up with Town Supervisor Mike Marnell via phone at Stewarts this morning. Marnell gave us the headlines about the plans Schroon has in place.

“We are all set,” Marnell told Schroon Laker today.

Marnell told us that last night town officials met at the Fire House with the Supervisor of Highways, the Superintendent of Schools, EMS and fire officials and a National Grid employee, who is also a fire fighter.

If the situation calls for it, the Fire House will open as a shelter.

“If things get really bad we have the ability to open the school as a shelter as well,” Marnell said.

“The Town Hall is also available. We have generators there and plenty of food and water available.”

He said plans were in place to rescue senior or housebound citizens who may not be able to get themselves to the shelters.

Marnell said there would be firefighters at the Fire House on standby.

On Saturday, highway crews worked to clear out culverts and drains to hopefully avoid flash flooding.

The storm is expected hit landfall in southern New Jersey on Monday. Marnell said no decision had been made about any potential school closings.