Card Board Box Derby Dashed!

Photo 2011 Card Box Derby Courtesy of Schroon Lake Region

This just in: Sunday's Card Board Box Derby has been postponed due to, you guessed it...a lack of SNOW!

With this wacky winter Mother Nature has either blessed or cursed us with -- the slick, snow covered slopes of Schroon's Golf course, are but a distant memory.

So contraptions like the one above  -- which swooshed downhill last year -- won't be seen until at least March 10, the new date for the big event.

And while there's a shortage of the white, fluffy stuff -- at least we have ice, although only about half as much as usual.

"We have around 10- to 12 inches this year, compared to around 18 - 24 inches in a normal year," Rosemary Riston, from the Schroon lake Chamber of Commerce told us today.

But at least we are actually have ice. Lake Champlain and Lake George are not as fortunate. Are you pleased or displeased by our mild winter? Tell us in comments.