Fishin’ For A Great Weekend

With the return of winter this week, the 20th Annual Schroon Lake Ice Fishing Derby looks set to have a terrific turnout this year, organizers say.

“With the snow today, that’s going to help us keep the ice temperatures cold,” Schroon Lake Fish and Game Club President Don Sage told us. “You don’t want it breaking up on a weekend like this.”

“Overall the conditions look good, but we are a bit concerned with the rain (in the forecast) on Saturday.”

The Tournament officially kicks off at daylight Saturday and goes through to 4 pm on Sunday.

So far about 110 advance tickets have been sold with many walk-ins expected Friday night and Saturday morning. The entry fee is $15.

“We had 230 entries last year and I think we are on track to do the same this year. Our records was 450 a few years back,” Don said.

Don said the Derby is a tremendous boost for the local economy.

“Those who come for the derby spend money in our bars, restaurants and motels. They buy gas and groceries here. It’s good for Schroon Lake.”

The Derby also acts as a fundraiser for the Fish and Game Club with a pasta dinner and hamburgers, hot dogs and chili available at the clubhouse. The club’s bar will also be open throughout the derby.

Don said most of the entry fees go towards the cash prizes offered in each category of the heaviest Trout, Salmon, Northern Pike, Pickerel and Perch caught.

We’ve often wondered what happens to the fish at left at the club after the derby and at last we know. “With the fish that are salvageable, we make chowder.”

For more information call 518-532-7953. The Clubhouse number is 518-532-9525