The Legend of The Leprechaun Of O'Schroon Lake

Have you ever spotted the Leprechaun of O’Schroon Lake? Legend has it that he once lived in the basement of the old Leland House Hotel many years ago, when it stood proudly atop the hill overlooking the Town Beach. But rumor has it that he now resides in a lean to at the top of Mt Severance. And in anticipation of a sighting  -- or catching of the Leprechaun this weekend here in Schroon --  the Kindergarten and Pre-K Class of Ms. Gereau has come up with a list of wishes they’d like granted. Among the wishes: wings, a dolphin and a pot of gold. You can read all of the class wishes after the jump. And if you saw the Leprechaun of O’Schroon Lake, what would you wish for? Tell us in comments.

Owen wishes for a motorcycle

Drake wishes for a mermaid

Jace wishes for a dog that he could name Scooter

Salman wishes to go to Disney Land

Zander wishes for one million dollars and some gold

Martin wishes for Blues Clues

Hunter wishes for a toy truck with a remote control

Tristan wishes for a four wheeler

Carly wishes for a kitty, a dolphin, a killer whale and a zebra

Lacey wishes for a dolphin in her house

Matthew wishes for a money, toys, food for all and food for animals

Morgan wishes for flowers and a rainbow with a pot of gold

Paige wishes that there were two of her

Lydia wishes for gold and for Andy to come home

Brittany wishes for Cinderella

Michael wishes for a slide that goes all over the house

Gabriel wishes for a pot of gold

Tyler wishes for a dirt bike bicycle

Felisha wishes for more toys

Micah wishes for an orange motorcycle with two seats; one for him and one for his brother Luke

Christian wishes he could fly

Waylon wishes for more snow

Hannah would wish for wings