Calling All Job Seekers: Tips From Your Fairy Job Mother

In the coming weeks, there'll be kids fresh out of high school looking for summer jobs. They will be joined by college kids doing the same thing. And there will be graduates hoping to nail down their dream career. And the path they will all take on this journey begins with the same first step: The job interview.

Shelby Davis, from Shelby's Kitchen Therapy, and Mr. P's Mountain Smokehouse, has done her fair share of interviewing in her two decade plus career in the hospitality and restaurant business. And she recently met some job seekers when Mr. P's went looking for some summer help. So she is more than primed to offer some free and very vaulable advice to those heading to a job interview. You can read the tips on Shelby's blog, where she explains what motivated her to take on this task:

In writing these little job interview tidbits of advice, I initially thought I would address them to the teen-aged job seeker. I'm not sure what, if anything, they are teaching you young folks in high school about going on job interviews, but whatever it is, it's not enough. After some reflection, I thought I would be appropriate to include the twenty-somethings. After more reflection and thinking back to some of the more memorable interviews I have conducted, and equally important, the interviews I have declined to conduct, I decided to make this an open letter to anyone, of any age, background or experience level who might come in to apply for a job at Mr. P's. Or anywhere.