The New Pathway to Paradise

Photo Credit: Sharon Piper

The last patch of a new pathway to the Town Beach has been paved, making our fine sandy piece of paradise accessable to all.

As we first reported in April, the hanidcapped accessable path is the brain child of Town Supervirsor Mike Marnell, who was inspired to construct the path after watching a TV news report on returning disabled veterans.

So it's fitting the new path is ready on the eve of Memorial Day.

"I'm very pleased with the way it all worked out," Mike told Schroon Laker last week.

"During construction folks came up to me and said how beneficial it would be for their loved ones who would otherwise have trouble making their way to the beach.

"It's good to know that so many people will be able to use the path to get to and enjoy our beach."

Mike took a very hands on approach to the construction, often operating heavy machinery to clear the way for the path. The beach is ready for the first wave of visitors this weekend with several tons of fresh sand -- trucked in From North Creek -- spread out and ready for action.