A Frankentree Grows in Schroon

Schroon is the home to a new type of tree, (pictured above) which often goes by the name “Frankentree”. For the uninitiated, it’s a cell tower disguised as a tree, and last week local area politicos and AT&T reps were at its unveiling near exit 27 on the Northway. This is going to take care of a major “deadzone” along  I-87, and may help those deciding to opt for a new cell phone carrier.

Your News Network (YNN) reports the fake pine tree is adorned with plenty of leaves and branches to fit in with the natural landscape of the Adirondacks.

"It's a 90-foot tower,” Leigh Walrath, an environmental program specialist with the Adirondack Park Agency told YNN. “With the branching it extends slightly above that”

Watch the YNN video here. Would you rather see a fake tree, a plain old cell tower, or nothing at all? Tell us in comments