A Wee Little Update On The Florida 5 Hikers

The five hikers from Florida who got lost while hiking in the Adirondack Mountain Reserve last week -- a story Schroon Laker.com exclusively broke --  came up with a unique and unconventional way to try and stay warm: they peed on each other.

This nugget comes from Forest Rangers who rescued the hikers. The Department of Conservation has confirmed the story. From the Times-Union:

DEC spokesman David Winchell advises against the practice. "No matter what, getting wet in cool or cold weather hastens the loss of body heat," he said.

Add the peeing incident to a list of bad decisions the hikers made.They were under dressed, didn’t bring a map, compass, or other essential gear and seemed not to understand the difficulty of their expedition, said Winchell. Read reporter Brian Nearing’s story here.

The hikers were rescued after Schroon Laker Laura Donaldson, owner of the Rocy Acres Bed and Breakfast where the would be hikers were staying , failed to show up after their hike.