Life, Liberty, Lake

The quality of life, the future of tourism, and the economic well-being of Schroon Lake depends largely on keeping our pristine Lake in tip top shape.

If invasive species were to take a further hold on our lake, then the outlook would be bleak. Despite the aggressive  efforts of two volunteer organizations  -- the East Shore Schroon Lake Association and the Schroon Lake Association --  there are already healthy populations of Eurasian Milfoil growing in various parts of our Lake.

That's why it's important to attend a public hearing tonight on introducing a new law, titled “The Town Of Schroon Aquatic Invasive Prevention Law".

The keyword here to take notice of is “prevention”.  While its unfathomable to think that anyone would deliberately and knowingly bring invasives into Schroon Lake and Schroon River, the new proposed law puts boat owners and water front residents on notice that if they don’t comply with keeping invasives out of our waterways, they will be subject to prosecution by the Sheriffs Departments of Essex or Warren Counties. The new proposed law also applies to the Paradox Lake State Camp Ground.

The law calls for visual inspections by individuals and or Lake Stewards, a position in Schroon Lake that is yet to be filled for the summer. You can read a copy of the proposed law here. Do you think having a local law is a good idea? Tell us in comments.