The Roar Of Dollars

That roar of thunder you hear on Main Street this week means that Schroon Lake is attracting bike riders  -- and their dollars -- from Americade.
The annual touring bike festival staged in Lake George, which celebrates it's 30th birthday this year, brings dozens of riders to our fair town, which many Americaders consider a must see stop.
And with them, local businesses hope to see a boost, according to Rosemarie Ritson, from the Schroon Lake Chamber of Commerce.
"Is Americade great for Schroon? Absolutely. When we have riders passing through town and its lunchtime there's a very good chance that they'll stop and have lunch at one of our restaurants," Rosemarie told Schroon Laker today.
"We've had riders from Americade come through here ever since it began in the 1980s. They are super nice people people from all over."
And to attract even more riders here, three Schroon businesses are taking part in an organiazed  Scaveneger Hunt. The Chamber of Commerce, The Schroon Lake Bed And Breakfast, and Mr. P's Mountain Smokehouse are three local stops where riders can get a special ticket checked, which will enable them to enter a prize raffle sponsored by Americade. Schroon is one of 10 "destination" towns on the Scavenger Hunt.
All three businesses are rolling out the welcoming mat to riders offering drinks, cookies and other treats.
"We are very excited about Americade," Sharon Piper, co-owner of the Schroon Lake Bed And Breakfast told us today.
"We have our first group of riders staying with us tonnight. They are a fun group".
Sharon said the B&B had 6 Scavenger hunters call in Monday, but with today's spectacular forecast, many more were expected.
Mr. P's Mountain Smokehouse Restaurant has also seen an uptick in business.
"We had 25 riders stop in. Some had meals, some had their cards stamped," co-owner Shelby Davis texted us.
Sheby said that while some folks were complaining about the bike noise, the "bottom line is it's great for business long term."
Rosemarie said the Scavenger Hunt is bringing riders into the chamber office, which gives the town a unique opportuunity to market itself.
"When they are in here we offer them a visitors brochure and ask them to consider coming back. These ridesr come from all over, from the Mid-West to New England. It's a tremendous opportunity for us to get  the word out about Schroon."