Remembering Marjorie Morningstar and Schroon Lake

Natalie Wood and Carolyn Jones in a still from the film Marjorie Morningstar

As many of you know, Schroon Lake has a very strong connection to Hollywood, with the coming of age movie Marjorie Morningstar being filmed here in the summer of 1958.

A summer camp, the lake and Scaroon Manor had lead roles in the film, along with several locals who had the time of their lives that summer, working as extras alongside Natalie Wood, Gene Kelly and Carolyn Jones.

Among those extras are Lillian Richardson,  Janet Friedman  -- mother of brothers Roger and Joel -- and the father of Loris Clark, the current president of the Schroon-North Hudson Historical Society.

But three years before the movie made our town famous, there was the novel by Herman Wouk, on which the movie is based.

Both the book and the film will be discussed at a special presentation  -- hosted by the Historical Society  -- on Thursday at 10am at the historical museum.

Extras in the film have been invited to attend and share their memories. The film will be screened followed by a discussion of the book. The society will have on display their collection of Scaroon Manor and Marjorie Morningstar memorabilia.

Afterwards the group will head to Scaroon Manor, now a NY Sate campground,  – to tour what’s left of this once incredible resort. The fee to get into Scaroon will be waived for members of the group.

Got memories of  Marjorie Morning Star? Share them with us in comments.