The Sign Snatchers of Schroon Lake

We have received a couple or reports of folks having the signs to their property swiped. And while that may not be a big deal to some, those signs are an important part of a camp’s history and mean a lot to the owners. A reader writes:

The other day our sign for our camp on the East Shore north of "3 Bears" was taken. The sign "Tiffany Terrace" was made 30 years ago of birch bark and red painted board when my kids were really young. I can make a new sign, but the sentimental value of the old sign can't be replaced!

And just days later, we received reports of other signs being snatched from properties south of Blue Sky.

The reader asks: “Would like to know if others having same problem?  Also, I  want vandals to know value of signs is sentimental, not $$$$”.