July 4th Fireworks: What A Show

Despite pre-show rain and a gloomy forecast, Schroon’s spectacular Fireworks went off in stunning style last night.

But there were some anxious moments at around 7pm, when Town Supervisor Mike Marnell heard the weather forecast.

“The forecast was for 60 mile per hour winds with hail,” Mike told us last night. “We are very lucky that didn’t happen.”

The show  -- which lasted for well over 40 minutes -- got a wild round of applause at its climax.

New regulations enforced this year meant that the crowd was kept well back from the staging area of the fireworks launch site. That meant much of the grassy hill above the beach was off limits to folks  -- who were kept behind a plastic orange barricade.

Mike heard a few complaints about the new rules. “It just means folks have to double up a bit”.

“I’d like to have the fireworks on a barge, so we could have the whole beach open for the public.”

Mike said he considered building a barge, but it wasn’t feasible. “The requirements for a show like Schroon’s would mean we’d need a barge 100 feet by 50 feet. We can’t do that.”