Sale Of Schroon Supported Horace Nye Nursing Home Makes National News

Photo Courtesy NPR News

The Horace Nye Nursing Home in E-Town has many supporters  here in Schroon Lake – including Town Supervisor Mike Marnell.

But the 100 bed home was recently sold to a Bronx based for profit company. Marnell, who serves on the Essex Board of Supervisors, voted against the sale in June.

The story about the sale was picked up Thursday by NPR News, who reported that every year taxpayers here in Essex County chip in $2 million dollars to keep Horace Nye up and running. 

The NPR report says cash strapped New York is geting out of the socialized medicine business and has sold several similar homes this year. What do you think? Tell us in our comments section if you agree with Mike Marnell – or do you welcome the sale?  Did you care  – or even realize  -- your tax dollars were helping to keep on the lights at Horace Nye?

You can read a transcript of the NPR story here.