Lost And Found: Late August Edition

It’s that time of the month again folks – our round up of who is missing something and who has found something.


Yours truly lost a red lanyard, with red cord and neoprene wrist bracelet connected to a black jet ski key.  Where and when : Last  Friday evening at the Town Dock near the Boathouse.  Email me at schroonlaker@me.com


Joan and Larry Boland live on Adirondack Rd. north of the Adirondack General Store. Their daughter was on vacation with her family and lost their cat, a light tan/grey tabby with orange undertones. Tiger is very friendly. If you see her, please contact Joan and Larry at 518- 532-7505.


From Jane Smith at ESSLA: “About a month ago Dick Lomnitzer found a key attached to a piece of wood with the words WAYNE WORLD II and 66 OB written on it.  I now have it so you can reply to email or call me at 518-494-3301 if it’s yours”.