ADK Marathon: Winners Galore

Runners on Route 9, south of Witherbee's

The winner of this year’s Adirondack Marathon Stanley Larkin, of Quebec, was last year’s runner up. Larkin was able to better his time from 2:57.16 to  2:53:24. Meg Ray, from New York City was the first female to finish with a time of 3:18:53.

You can find a full list of winners and finishers here.

And while there are many remarkable stories of race competitors, none may top that of Julia Khvasechko, 38, a cancer survivor who was running in her 61st marathon.

“I think Julie has already run 30 marathons this year,” race director  Joel Friedman told us. “That puts her into a very elite group of marathoners. She attributes running to saving her life.”

The PostStar has Julie’s terrific story here. 

And then there’s the story of  Christopher Redfox, a 22-yeaold Alaskan who travelled 17 hours from his home near the Baring Sea to run his fourth marathon.

“His goal is to run a marathon in all 50 states,” Joel said. “It’s a tribute to his brother who died three years ago.”

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