Saving The Strand

The ol’ Schroon Laker email has been flooded with notes from folks looking to help out our beloved Strand Theatre, since we first published our story about the lights (hopefully) not going out on Larry and Liz McNamara’s livelihood – and a Schroon lake staple and tradition for decades!

Last week we reported the State of New York came to the potential rescue of theatres like The Strand, in offering loans to help them convert from 35 mm to digital projectors.

Starting this fall, most new releases will only be available in digital format and that means cinemas like The Strand will need to convert to a digital projector. So if you wanna help, here is the direct, official link to give money to Save The Strand. It’s online and easy. But digital is not the end of old school celluloid, we hear from Elena Rossi-Snook, who tells us the beloved 35 mm format will live on.

Writes Elena:

“My family owned The Strand from 1932 until the early 1980s. A group of community members have joined with Larry and Liz McNamara to create the Save the Strand Steering Committee. We will be pursuing a number of funding opportunities, possibly including the loans offered by the Cuomo administration, to purchase a digital projector. However, I must correct the assumption that the digital projector will replace the 35mm film projector. This is not the case. Our objective is for The Strand to continue showing film prints whether they come in the form of first-run features from the studios or older productions from repertory libraries like those at Sony, Park Circus and the Academy Film Archive.

Amen to that, Elena. Got Strand memories? Please share them with us in comments.