Meet The Artist!


You can’t miss Sharron Tyrrell as she zips all over Schroon on her little white Yamaha with her red crash helmet.

And if you are a regular on the Schroon Lake Facebook page – and occasionally here -- you can’t miss the spectacular and unique photos she takes, that showcase our part of the ADKs.

Spectacular: because they are mostly shot in and around Schroon. Unique: thanks to a little experimentation with Photoshop, which brings out some color attributes that show off the colors of Schroon, Paradox and Severance a whole new light.

“I’ve been taking photos for years,” Sharron told SchroonLaker today. I began back in the days of black and white 35 mm film. I used to develop my own prints.”

Sharron got her first taste of the darkroom when she was a young camper at Camp Cayuga. She continued her passion when her husband was in the airforce.

But as life tends to get in the way of hobbies, Sharron put her camera down for several years, until she resumed her love affair with photography, in its digital form, with a passion about 18 months ago.

“I take photos most days. It’s easiest in the summer when I can ride my scooter.”

For those interested in what’s in Sharron’s kit, her DSLR is a Nikon D3100. She uses a 50 – 200mm zoom as her walk around lens.

“But I also find that I take a lot of my photos with my Nikon point and shoot. It’s from the Cool Pix line up, an S8200. It’s so easy to carry around and keep in my purse".

And now fans of Sharron have a chance to purchase her work. She is selling matted prints, note cards and calenders at Paradox Crafts, the business own by her daughter in law. She started selling her works after receiving many positive comments.

“At the Senior Center I had people who wanted to buy calendars!”  You can check out more of Sharron’s work here. To look at Sharron’s collection at Paradox Crafts, call (518) 532-0551 to arrange a time?