ADK Shakes Makes Shakespeare Accessible

By Annette Batson

Walking down Main Street this past weekend, I ran into two friendly familiar faces coming out of Morningstar Bistro, thespians whom I usually only see during the summer months - Patrick Siler and Tara Bradway.

The two actors were up in Schroon preparing for their special Fall production of Love's Labour's Lost, at Seagle Music Colony, this saturday night.

We have our tickets, but not being up on my Shakespeare plots, I said to Patrick: "I'd better get my Cliff Notes out before the show so I don't get lost!"  Patrick replied:  NO! "Just listen to us speak, and you'll get it!" 

Tara chimed in: "All you need to know is there's a Spanish King of Navarro, who convinces his faithful guardsmen that women are a distraction to their duties.  So they all agree to swear off females, period. Enter the breathtaking Princess of France, visiting with her gorgeous attendants..."

And the rest is pure Shakespeare! Easy to imagine where this hilarious plot is going!

The show will be performed in the classical comedic style, but actors will be in contemporary costume "which is how the actors performed in Shakespeare's time," said Tara.

ADK Shakes will perform Love's Labour's Lost this Saturday October 12, at Seagle Music Colony. The evening starts with a Farm-to-Table reception from 6:30 pm  - 7:30 pm. Local farmers, breweries, vineyards, and artisan food crafters from the ADK region will have a range of goodies to eat and drink.

You can buy tickets for just the reception ($15) or just the performance, starting at  7:30pm and going to 9:30 pm ($10/$12/$15), but I can't imagine missing out on all the fun both events are sure to offer! Click here for more information.