Get On Your Sled!!!!


Tonight, some lucky winner is gonna be the proud owner of a new sled: a 2013 Ski-Doo snowmobile to be exact. You most likely have seen it ‘round town since the summer, proudly displayed by the Schroon-North Hudson Snow Mobile Club.

The club is raffling it to raise funds to go towards the purchase of a trail groomer, as well as the purchase of a new four wheeler.

"We'd use the four wheeler  in the spring and off season to keep the trails trimmed back and cleared," Club President Dwayne Anderson told Schroon Laker.

The club purchased the snowmobile from Smith Marine in Old Forge. "They gave us a great deal, at cost. They are friends as well as members of the club."

At 7pm tonight at the club’s annual meeting at the Schroon Town Hall, Schroon Lake citizens of the year Bob and Jane Claus will pick the winning ticket. Good Luck if you entered!