2014 Schroon Sled Dog Races: A Non Starter

Despite the best efforts of many, and countless hours invested by volunteers to bring Sled Dog Races to Schroon, the event will not happen.

Schroon Laker has learned that issues surrounding indemnifying the Town and private landowners from liability, could not be settled satisfactorily with race organizers, the Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club

The event had been in the works for almost two years. The first race, scheduled for this past February, was cancelled due to lack of funding and the same insurance issues that scuttled the proposed 2014 event.

The Sled Dog Challenge Weekend would have bought hundreds of people – and dollars -- to the greater Schroon area.

Two volunteers involved in the planning of the event, expressed dismay over the cancellation.

“It’s a blow to us for sure. We really tried hard to get this event here,” one told Schroon Laker.

Details of the event were first presented to the Schroon Lake Chamber of Commerce in August 2012, by John Huston, who headed a committee of locals, who worked with the Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club.

The Sled Dog Challenge, originally planned for the middle of February, would have been staged at the Town Golf Course with multiple events planned at area restaurants and the Schroon Lake Fish And Game Club.