A Schroon Laker Sounds Off


Vanessa Weber, from Schroon Lake, got some attention Sunday when a letter to the New York Daily News Opinion Page was published. Vanessa's beef?   Animal rights activists getting it wrong when it comes to horse drawn carriage rides. From the New York Daily News:

Silly Season

Schroon Lake, N.Y.: I find it fascinating, but not entirely surprising, that the animal rights activists have not thought through their desire to rid the city of horse-drawn carriages. Animal rights activists typically ignore the experience of owners, scientists, vets and breeders alike. They prefer to reinterpret things according to their personal experience — as people. If a horse is asleep, standing up — which is usually how horses sleep — the horses are “sad.” If a horse is resting a leg by cocking it, it is “broken” and the drivers are being “cruel.” Our political candidates have bought into this silliness. I fear for the city I grew up in. Vanessa Weber."

Vanessa's piece was also picked up by the Facebook Page "I Love Animals, But hate Animals Activists"